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Design Philosophy

Our equipment is designed to the highest standards of quality and durability. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Designed for user friendliness and fault tolerance our systems come with FULL documentation packages and manual with the following basic sections:

  • System overview
  • Operator controls description
  • Operating instructions
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Manual for all components
  • Schematic
  • Panel layouts
  • System layouts
  • Program printouts
  • Soft copies of programs, & more

All systems are designed to NFPA and NEC electrical standards, and in compliance to OSHA safety standards. Systems can also be designed for CE acceptance.

All systems are designed and assembled:

  • Using the highest quality components
  • Using finger-safe components
  • With all wires labeled at each termination point
  • With all wires ferruled at each termination point
  • With all cable shields grounded
  • With electrical panels, doors and frames "hard-grounded"
  • With electrical panels to have approx 10% free panel space
  • With control systems to have approx 10% free I/O
  • With all components labeled according to electrical diagrams
  • With power line filters for critical, or noise generating components
  • With enclosed transformers for noise reduction
  • With enclosure fans and thermostat
  • With din-rail mounted components whenever possible
  • With programming port and 120VAC PC outlet on exterior of enclosure